Anne Texier is a designer born in France and living in Denmark. She’s been working with graphic design, textile, set design and concept development. Turns out it’s in between all of these disciplines that her interests meet: she is now using her palette of tools to tell the story of engaged, local and sustainable projects. She is a designer in movement who believes in learning by doing, be it making bread for her collective Kunst Cantine or getting a training in a disappeared craft for Broustoù.


Self initiated work

Kunst Cantine

Set design

→ Kinfolk & Ouur
Henrik Vibskov
Hôtel Vetements

Visual communication

Hesselholdt & Mejlvang
→ Kinfolk & Ouur
Henrik Vibskov
Hôtel Vêtements


Collaboration &
Self initiated work

Set design


Strategic design & Entrepreneurship
Master of Art / 2021,
Copenhagen, Denmark

Media & Culture
Bachelor of Art / 2016
Design Academy Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Graphic Design
Exchange Program / Fall 2014
Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, USA

Textile Design
Technical Bachelor / 2011
Duperré School of Design,
Fashion and Creation
Paris, France

Kunst Cantine, DK-FR
Dec. 2018-Now

Founder & Designer
Broustoù, DK-FR

Textile & Print Teacher
Prins Henrik Skole textile workshop, DK
Jan. 2018-May 2019

Art director
Hôtel Vetements, DK-FR

Set Designer & Stylist
Bacon Production, Nina Holmgren and Emilie Thalund, DK
Oct. 2017-Now

Design Assistant
Henrik Vibskov, DK
Aug. 2015-Feb. 2016

Freelance Designer
Hôtel Vetements, Vermouth Soendag, Emilie Thalund and others, DK
Nov. 2016-Now

Artists AssistantHesselholdt & Mejlvang, DK
Jan. 2017-Aug. 2018

Design Assistant
Kinfolk & Ouur, DK
Feb.-Apr. 2017

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